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GB 34
Preview: GB 34
Preview: GB

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RBS Clear
Wonderful base builder gel in bottle, which is perfect for strengthening of short natural nails! 
20,88 EUR
17,55 EUR excl. 19% tax
17,55 EUR excl. 19% tax
GB Top 1
GB Top 1 with sticky layer - the perfect top for Soak Off manicure with nailART of all kinds! Our GELLY BOWS Soak Off tops offer unbeatable wet shine and of course a perfect feeling while working! They complete the Soak Off manicure with a Soak Off safety layer, which protects your creations until they are soaked off and at the same time makes them seductively shiny
17,31 EUR
14,55 EUR excl. 19% tax
14,55 EUR excl. 19% tax

This product is similar to:

Soak Off Liquid 500ml

Soak Off Liquid 500ml or removing FTips, tips, nail glue, soak off gels, gel polishes & acrylic nails. Perfect for diluting our ART Inks

11,36 EUR
9,55 EUR excl. 19% tax
9,55 EUR excl. 19% tax