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FLUFFY: beautiful soak off effect glitter gel polishes


Wonderful and absolutely interesting gel polishes with fur effect - for everyone who loves Soak Off manicure, or simply prefers to enjoy the convenience of the brush bottle and continue to work on sculpted nails - here you will find our Soak Off series FLUFFY - of course in a stunning nailARTS look, incl. our COLOR STICKS for every color!

For a perfect Soak Off mani we recommend
  • BASE: rubber Base, which offers perfect adhesion, covers all unevenness of the natural nails and at the same time forms a sticky layer specially made for Soak Off manicure - so you can apply the colors directly on our RBS Clear without the surface being too wet - so often even eone layer of gel polish is enough
  • TOPS: our GELLY BOWS tops offer unbeatable wet shine and of course a perfect feeling while working! They complete the Soak Off manicure with a Soak Off safety layer, which protects your creations until they are soaked off and at the same time makes them seductively shiny

  • medium viscosity
  • soak off
  • self-leveling
  • cure Tops: 30s UVA / LED; 120s UV
  • brush bottle, 8ml
Application suggestion for a perfect Soak Off manicure:
  • prepare the nails as usual and apply Step1
  • use GB Eco Bond as a thin adhesive layer for perfect adhesion
  • use one of our Soak Off Bases to form a thicker layer and thus perfectly smooth out all the unevenness of the natural nails and strengthen it
  • apply gel polish color or effect depending on your design wish
  • seal with our GELLY BOWS Tops
  • you can find everything you need to remove the gel polish in the section Soak Off Accessories. My recommendation is the gentle combination of the Pro Remover Cream and the Remover Tool

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