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base and builder gels

Rubber Base Twinkly (RBT)

Wonderful base gels in bottle, which are perfect for strengthening of short natural nails! 
RBS: with shimmer

  • very strong adhession
  • correct unevenness of the nails
  • Soak Off: removable with acetone
  • CLEAR: perfect for application of the FTips (Art.Nr .: F0101-…) on the nails
  • SOUFFLE & TWINKLY: strong adhession and sculpting with beautiful make-up tones (with or without shimmer) with just one product
  • medium viscosity
  • self leveling
  • opaque
  • with acidic
  • with heat development
  • cure: 30s UVA / LED lamp; 120s UV lamp
  • bottle, 14ml

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