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top gels: whether glossy or matte, sticky or not - all of our tops are excellent and will protect your perfect nails with style!

Gel Tops

The best top gels I've ever had in my hand or better said - on my nails !!! Unbeatable gloss or ultra matt effect - no problem! Long-lasting, flexible, highly transparent, without color change. And of course - perfect protection! Our MAGICIANS offer all of this :)

GB Top 1
GB Top 1 with sticky layer - the perfect top for Soak Off manicure with nailART of all kinds! Our GELLY BOWS Soak Off tops offer unbeatable wet shine and of course a perfect feeling while working! They complete the Soak Off manicure with a Soak Off safety layer, which protects your creations until they are soaked off and at the same time makes them seductively shiny
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incl. 19% tax
14,55 EUR excl. 19% tax
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