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camouflage gels in a brush bottle (no builder gel)

Easy Covers camouflage gel in bottle

Cover gel in a brush bottle (no builder gel). The perfect gel system for all fans of excellent and trendy nude nails! The perfect addition to our PressOn Tips / FTips! These are the EASY COVERS - they offer fast, natural looking and very thin nail bed extensions with beautiful natural make-up tones - particularly suitable for the FTips, which already have the necessary structure and do not need an extra thickness. Also perfect on sculpted and ready for design nails

  • cover gel in a brush bottle
  • extra thin and covering nail bed extension
  • adapts to the natural nail color
  • offers a slight feeling of transparency for the natural look (depending on whether you apply it sparingly or generously) - apply in a thin layer for very natural color results, or in two layers for stronger coloring
  • corrects unevenness in natural nails
  • apply like gel polish. Apply without pressure and floating and always wait briefly until the EC levels itself 
  • not suitable for sculpting or reinforcement
  • medium viscosity
  • self-leveling
  • opaque
  • very good own adhesion
  • very light-sensitive and extremely fast curing
  • cure: 30Sek. Combi UVA/LED; 120Sek. UV
  • brush bottle, 14ml
Shake gently before use

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