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MET: Beautiful, very interesting metallic gels for painting

Metallics (MET)

Wonderful, very interesting metallic painting gels - for quick and effective flourishes and decorations. You can now create beautiful metallic effects without foils or pigments

  • effect painting gels
  • also suitable for full cover, but the effect is strongest when painting
  • * not for cosmetic use - only to be used for decorations and on sculpted nails or tips
  • pay attention to the consistency:
  • thin - (as seen in the video in our FB group), for fine metallic elements, flourishes, decorations, etc. It works best with the nailARTist 1 brush! The 0 is often too thin for the already very thin gel and it otherwise runs 'up' on the brush.
  • thick - the metallic effect is a bit weaker, but it doesn’t “run” away from the brush tip and is perfect for 3D-like elements, as we´re used to with the MASTERS & GLITTS. All brushes are suitable here, including the 0
Application suggestion:
  • since the METALLICS are most effective on a black background, I recommend creating a design in black - apply MAS Power or GB 28 and cure. Of course, any other background color is also suitable here, depending on your preferences
  • dry wipe the sticky layer or apply an intermediate layer with MAG Zero and cure
  • paint decorations with the METALLICS and cure. Follow the brush recommendations as stated above
  • seal the nail with any gloss or matt finish. If matt (MAG Zero), you can make the decorations shiny again afterwards with MAG Mania and nailARTist 1 brush - for beautiful metallic effects

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