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Our Bonus Program

Here you will get all Informations about our bonus program!

What is the bonus program?

With our bonus program we say "Thank You" for your constancy shopping with us. With repeating purchases you could collect bonus points and later settle the value with an existent order.

For every purchased product you will receive bonus points. How much points you will receive is shown with any product on the product details page. When special events are activated you could also receive the multiple value for single products or whole categories.

So if you register a customer account you will receive bonus points and of course for shopping in our WebShop.

How to settle collected bonus points?

Your collected and earned bonus points could be credited to a current order in your shopping cart. If you encash your (partial) bonus points they will be listed as "encashed" and later on subtracted from the order value and amount to pay.

Will bonus points expire?

Bonus points will expire if you do not shop with us for 180 days. Within this timeframe just one order is enough to continously keep your bonus points.

Could bonus points be cashed?

No, bonus points and their monetary value could be credited agains an open order but not cashed with real money. It is also not allowed to move bonus points to an other persons bonus account.

What is the referal code and where could I find the referal code?

If you are logged in you will find your referal code in ACCOUNT > YOUR REFERAL PROGRAM PARTICIPATION. The listed code could be given to your family and friends however if they are already customer in our shop or if they will register a brand new customer account. You will participate on their purschases and receive bonus rewards to your bonus account.

Is there a limit for the bonus points usage?

The minimum and maximum value of bonus points you could encash is shown on the first page of the Shopping-Cart if encashing is activated.

What happens on returns or on revokement?

If you return or revoke an order we will have to recharge any granted bonus points for that particular product / order.